Convenience and control that gives the feeling of magic



Control is defined several ways, Merriam Webster in our circumstance defines control as “a device or mechanism used to regulate or guide the operation of a machine, apparatus or system”. The basic idea surrounding controlling your home is to utilize technology in order to easily operate facets of your daily life. Enjoyment, convenience, sharing space and entertaining are all part of controlling your home.


Audio Video systems are not just for the movie connoisseur. Entertaining will never be the same, it might be a romantic dinner, a sports party everyone will be envious of or something in between. Controlling music and video throughout the house could never be more fun. Whole home audio can be broken up into different zones allowing multiple music sources. All this at the touch of a button.


Incorporate lighting control. Over time lighting has always been an important part of any place people use or gather, specially a home. Whether it is ambience lighting or utility designers use special bulbs, fixtures and locations to make the most out of this special part of the home. When controlled with “ease of use” in mind the convenience can be truly appreciated.


A truly great addition to enjoy is a home theater. Amazing picture and sound quality in a well-designed comfortable room create a spectacular entertainment environment. A well designed and installed home theater can create an experience where viewers are immersed in video and sound that is exhilarating. You might decide on a large screen TV or a projector with screen but either way the theater experience can be enjoyed with friends and family.


Think of networking as the central nervous system that transmits communication between the heart and brain. Whether the connection is wireless or hard-wired the network manages device to device communication for controllability of systems for reliability of performance.


Colorado may be the richest place to live when considering the outdoors. Living in Colorado and the four seasons come hand in hand so why not enjoy your time spent outside that much more. Incorporate audio, video, heating and lighting to make that outdoor living space incredible.


A simple joy can be found when shades automatically raise and lower themselves. Getting the day started with the Colorado sun or shutting down for the workday or night can be easier than ever. If you consider the energy efficiency that can be gained with automatic blinds the decision can be easy.


Energy efficiency can be greatly impacted by the control of the temperature in your home. Away for a few days on vacation? Lower the temperature from the airplane when you leave and again when you fly back to Colorado as to not come home to a cold house. Climate control is a simple and straight forward way to positively impact your environment.


System technology has now become a key detail in our day to day lives. Technology provides comfort, structure and becomes a necessity that we have troubles living without. Support is the backbone of the system when it comes to changing technologies and ensuring system stability. Device hardware has been established and connectivity to software updates has become the normal practice to gain more life out of current technology. Routine support and service of technologies within a system is just as important as an oil change on your car.


New construction is a wonderful combination of excitement and endless decisions. There are many benefits to pre-wiring your new home, existing home or remodeling project. A small investment and a few decisions can lead to amazing possibilities in the future. Whether you want to have full automation when you first move in or slowly add control and convenience over time pre-wiring is a crucial need for any project.


Design, planning and implementation provide system compatibly between the system and system user.

  • What will help you enjoy your home more
  • Control with convenience and user experience
  • Think energy efficiency
  • Staying connected
  • Gain added security
  • Future proofing technology changes with wants and needs
  • Anyone can become a dynamic system user with the right equipment